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​Investing in property is a proven vehicle to build your wealth and set yourself up for the future - and there has never been a better time to start than now!

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Whether you choose to book a consultation or attend one of our Free Events. Property Wealth Seminars aims to empower you with systems, strategies and solutions to invest in property and to create wealth for the future. Investing in property is a proven vehicle to build your wealth and set yourself up for the future - and there has never been a better time to start than now! Our free Property Wealth Seminars are designed to provide information to get you on your way to a financially free future.

The Five Fundamentals of Property Investment

Property Wealth Seminars will help to educate you on the end-to-end process of property investment while using the ‘Freedom Accelerator System’, a system that you will learn all about at one of our free events. An important part of the learning journey is to be familiar and adept with the fundamentals that drive the process. To give you a head-start and to help begin your property investment journey today, we would like to share with you the 5 Fundamentals of Property Investment.



​The most important starting block for any undertaking is to set a tangible goal as well as a pathway to achieve it. Without this, you’ll never know how you’re tracking and it will become harder to manage! Particularly when it comes to investment, a well thought out plan can help you to make as much money as possible rather than simply leaving you hoping for a good outcome.

We encourage you to take control of your future and the first step to doing this is to articulate an end goal as well as a set plan with the right investment properties and right financial structure to help you get there. Part of our job is to help you to set your plan before you even start looking at property. We also help ​with solutions for those who already have existing investment properties and can help to accelerate ​your results.



What most people don't realise is that their personal home loan is the most expensive debt they have as its paid for with after tax dollars. It’s important to understand that by doing things a little differently, you can accelerate your ability to pay off your personal mortgage. Property Wealth Seminars can show you the ropes and get you minimising your debt as quickly as possible.



It’s extremely important not to overlook the financial structure of the investment itself. Quite often, the focus goes solely to the property - which is still very important - but it’s not the only consideration. We always say that if you have the right investment property without the right financial structure, then it’s like having a racing car without a driver - It won’t go anywhere. The financial structure is crucial, particularly as you try to grow your portfolio into the future.



​To make sure you’re choosing the right property for your needs, there are 3 questions to ask yourself and the answers will then help to guide your decisions.

  1. Is this property right for me? It seems like a pretty straight forward question, but there are many aspects that go into deciding if a property is right for you. ​We show you exactly how to analyse a property according to key success factors. Remembering that just because a property is a good deal, does not necessarily mean that it’s a good deal for you!
  2. Is this property going to help me achieve my goals? Make sure you always refer to your main goals. If the property isn’t going to help you get there - then maybe it’s not the right one to be a part of your plan!
  3. Will this property help me or hinder me from getting into the next one? It’s always important to remember that every property should help you get into the next one. If it doesn’t, then you need to stop and re-evaluate to get you back on track with your plan.

It may seem like a lot to consider if you’re just starting out, but by attending one of our free events, we help you to answer all of these questions as well as provide you with recommendations ​for suitable property selection. This part of our service takes the guesswork, confusion and often emotion out of a purchasing decision.



One of the most comforting elements of investing in property is to know that you’re not in it alone! Being a lone investor can be detrimental to achieving your goals. Property Wealth Seminars provides all of the support you need throughout the journey to be successful. We do all the research and help you to cut through the confusion. Smart investors always have a team of people around them to advise them on the best way forward and to keep them on track with their goals.

If you are interested in finding out more about us and our Property ​Investing ​Strategies, please click below to download our property investing blueprint