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​​Take control of your future and let us help guide you in choosing the right property investment strategy to suit your needs.

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Property Wealth Seminars have over 19 years experience in real estate and have been able to help hundreds of clients realise their property portfolio dreams. The team at Property Wealth Seminars take an educated approach towards property investment and will guide you through every step from assessing and structuring your financial position, through to buying an affordable investment property in a growth location.

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​Our seminars will guide you through a number of ways that you can achieve financial freedom through investing in property by way of capital growth as well as cash-flow strategies.

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​Download our Investing Blue Print to learn how ​we ​turned $12,000 into a “$6.5 ​million ​property ​empire” in 7 Years. Discover how you can win using these powerful strategies in today’s market!

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​We’ve helped hundreds of clients to realise their property portfolio dreams! Take a look ​​to see how people just like you are benefiting from attending Property Wealth Seminars.

Safe & lucrative investment strategies

​Property Wealth Seminars aims to empower you with systems, strategies and solutions to invest in property and create wealth for the future. You can be confident that when you work with our experienced team you too can be on the path to securing your retirement and unlocking your financial potential. Our unique financial structure will allow you to invest in property and use the cash flow to pay off existing debts and accelerate your ability to create wealth for yourself and your family into the future. We’ve helped ​thousands of clients create wealth through property and by allowing Property Wealth Seminars to join you on your investment journey, we can help you to enjoy profitably with peace of mind. 

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Discover the best places to invest in property

​Using ​our expertise, we can show you the best places to invest in property. We source high capital growth areas on your behalf and by following our tailor made program for growing your portfolio there is no need to risk your home​ or worry about the debt​. The Property Wealth Seminars team work alongside a range of industry experts to design a property investment strategy that compliments your personal needs and requirements and will help you on the road to financial freedom.

Getting Started

There are a number of ways to make a profit when investing in property - the key is to understand the different types of property investment strategies before you get started. Choosing the right strategy for you can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’re just starting out, but by partnering with the team at Property Wealth Seminars ​we will guide you through every step of the process and put your mind at ease.

​We will guide you through ​the maze and show you how you can achieve financial freedom ​by investing in property ​for of capital growth as well as cash-flow​. By following our guidelines, we can show you how to purchase an investment property with:

  • A higher borrowing capacity: ​If the rental income ​covers the holding cost, you will have a greater disposable income which allows you to borrow more to invest further.
  • Additional cash flow: The extra cash flow generated from a cash positive property can help you ​offset any shortfalls you have ​on a cash negative property.
  • Security: By having a self-supporting property portfolio, you won’t have to sell in a hurry if your personal circumstances change.

​​We will outline all the secrets and how-to’s of property investing and property portfolio​ structuring. Take control of your financial freedom today! Register and join us at one of our upcoming events.

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